Academia Oamenilor de Stiinta din Romania - Filiala USA

Academy of Romanian Scientists - USA Branch

ISSEI Nicosia 2012

Academic session at the University of Nicosia, Cyprus, at the  ISSEI (The International Society for the Study of European Ideas), July 2-6, 2012.
Sesiune stiintifica la Universitatea din Nicosia, Cipru, în cadrul Conferintei Internationale a ISSEI (The International Society for the Study of European Ideas)

Call for Papers

International Society for the Study of European Ideas
The Ethical Challenge of Multidisciplinarity: Reconciling ‘The Three Narratives’—Art, Science, and Philosophy

Section V: Religion, Philosophy, Anthropology, Psychology, Language
Workshop:    From Hic et Nunc to the Apocalypse: How Do We Transfer Ourselves into the Future? Absolute versus Relative Values

Chair:   Theodor Damian
Professor of Philosophy and Ethics, Metropolitan College of New York, President of the American Branch of the Academy of Romanian Scientists. E-mail:

This workshop intends to be an interdisciplinary forum for research, critical thinking and thought provoking discussion on one of the most ardent moral issues of our time: who you are and what you do with who you are. This question alone brings us to the interdisciplinary dialogue. But then, if there is a metaphysical meaning to our being and life, what can one do in order to make sure one goes to the next level? If there is no next level, how can a constructive dialogue be engaged with those who think there is none?

If there is a transfer from hic et nunc to the apocalyptic, eschatological state, what are the ethical, philosophical, and scientific implications of that? Is science necessarily in opposition to arts and philosophy in this context ? Why? Are they complementary to one another? Why? How? Where does the dialogue—if there is any—begin and where should it end? Answers given by theology, philosophy, sociology, ethics, anthropology, politics, arts and sciences to be considered in dealing with these questions.